Free Sitemap and XML validation tool. The validation tool performs a thorough check on whether the document is well-formed and validates it against XML Schema. You can also use it to validate sitemaps. For webmasters and anyone who uses sitemaps to get search engines to find their web pages, this is very important. Take the extra step and validate your website sitemap with our XML Check tool before submitting to search engines.
Any errors or issues in the XML sitemap file can cause search engines to stop indexing your website pages and affect your business and page ranking. Don't let this happen to you! Validate your sitemaps to make sure there are no errors. Our validator tool will check your sitemaps for well-formness and schema specified in the Sitemap protocol. Our tool also checks and validates any XML files, including Google image, video, news and mobile sitemaps. Our free sitemap validation tool is written in pure C++ for all Windows platforms. The application comes in two flavors. A graphical user interface and command-line. The tool has virtually no limitations and supports remote XML/Sitemap validation. The application also supports XML/Sitemap gzip(.gz) format files.

Download free software to validate XML/Sitemap

If you validate xml/sitemaps online regularly, try our FREE and EASY-TO-USE desktop application for Windows. Both the user interface and command line versions of the application are in the zip file. It does not have any external dependencies and no installation is required. The latest version is 2.5.5